NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Project 1 — DARS-NIC-147955-M8D2Q

Opt outs honoured: N

Sensitive: Sensitive

When: 2016/04 (or before) — 2018/05.

Repeats: Ongoing

Legal basis: Informed Patient consent to permit the receipt, processing and release of data by the HSCIC

Categories: Identifiable


  • MRIS - Cause of Death Report
  • MRIS - Cohort Event Notification Report
  • MRIS - Scottish NHS / Registration


Genetic Longitudinal Study of Ageing 1. To assess the extent to which age-related deterioration is correlated between different organ systems (cardiovascular, muscle, bone, respiratory function, and vision). 2. To assess how much of variation in longitudinal rates of physiological deterioration is due to genetic and environmental variation. 3. To investigate genetic associations with the five organ systems using candidate gene and genome wide association studies 4. To determine the relative influences on biological ageing (as measured by loss of function/tissue) of environmental factors such as marital status, socio-economic status (income, education, occupation), levels of physical exercise, smoking and alcohol intake, number of children. 5. To investigate the value of putative biomarkers of ageing: serum vitamin D, DHEAS, C-reactive protein, creatinine, retinal vascular calibre, and white cell telomere length