NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

Kings College Medical School

Project 1 — DARS-NIC-148120-0Q51J

Opt outs honoured: Y

Sensitive: Sensitive, and Non Sensitive

When: 2016/04 (or before) — 2017/02.

Repeats: Ongoing

Legal basis: Section 251 approval is in place for the flow of identifiable data

Categories: Identifiable


  • MRIS - Cause of Death Report
  • MRIS - Cohort Event Notification Report
  • MRIS - Scottish NHS / Registration
  • MRIS - Flagging Current Status Report


To be completed by applicant


To be completed by applicant


To be completed by applicant


To determine overall outcome in terms of mortality and early entry into care of all babies and children (up to 5 years of age) identified with sickle cell disease (HbSS, HbSC, HbS, beta thalassaemia, Hb S/D Punjab, HbS/OArab) and overall access to timely informed choice in preceding screening history for parents.