NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

Cedar, Cardiff and Vale UHB projects

1 data files in total were disseminated unsafely (information about files used safely is missing for TRE/"system access" projects).

Type of data: information not disclosed for TRE projects

Opt outs honoured: N

Legal basis: Health and Social Care Act 2012

Purposes: ()

Sensitive: Non Sensitive

When:2016.04 — 2016.08.

Access method: Ongoing

Data-controller type:

Sublicensing allowed:


  1. Access to HES Data Interrogation system


The HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) Data Interrogation System (HDIS) allows users to securely access HES, interrogate the data, perform aggregations, statistical analysis, and produce a range of different outputs. Access to HDIS is only provided to organisations who work within the public sector with a specific interest in public health. There is a strict information governance applications process in place to protect and control how the data is managed.