NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

Experian Marketing Services

Opt outs honoured: N

Sensitive: Non Sensitive

When: 2017/03 — 2017/05.

Repeats: One-Off

Legal basis: Health and Social Care Act 2012

Categories: Aggregated-Anonymised


  • Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care


Experian provides a geo-demographic segmentation tool, Mosaic Public Sector, to a wide range of public bodies who use it to improve the quality and efficiency of the services they offer the public. The anonymised HES tabulations will be used to add health profiles to this segmentation.

Expected Benefits:

Experian have been receiving an extract of HES data with Mosaic appended for about ten years and over this period of time have built up a strong network of public sector bodies, healthcare delivery organisations, and not-for-profit operators who use services based on it to improve and safeguard the health of the nation; and plan their own resource allocation effectively. Mosaic Public Sector is a geo-demographic segmentation. It combines propensities from other public sector and research bodies such as Census 2011, NOMIS, TGI, OFCOM, HESA, Research Now, and Police.gov. The intention of Mosaic Public Sector is that it is a way of establishing a common language within and between organisations to enable informed decision making, and to put citizens at the heart of everything an organisation does.


The profiles will be sold to public and commercial organisations to enable them to target resources more effectively and efficiently.


NHS Digital will create national Mosaic profiles for each of the HES data profiles requested in this application. Experian will then use these profiles at both national and postal sector level. In common with all sensitive data sets, HES data will remain independent appearing only as a set of indices in the Mosaic Public Sector segmentation.