NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

NHS Central Register Scotland projects

89 data files in total were disseminated unsafely (information about files used safely is missing for TRE/"system access" projects).

🚩 NHS Central Register Scotland was sent multiple files from the same dataset, in the same month, both with optouts respected and with optouts ignored. NHS Central Register Scotland may not have compared the two files, but the identifiers are consistent between datasets, and outside of a good TRE NHS Digital can not know what recipients actually do.

Project 1 — DARS-NIC-148050-WYFD5

Type of data: information not disclosed for TRE projects

Opt outs honoured: N, Y

Legal basis: Health and Social Care Act 2012

Purposes: ()

Sensitive: Sensitive

When:2016.04 — 2016.08.

Access method: Ongoing

Data-controller type:

Sublicensing allowed:


  1. MRIS - Scottish NHS / Registration


To provide data for Scottish research