NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

NHS National Services Scotland

Project 1 — DARS-NIC-391119-T4J3R

Opt outs honoured: No - data flow is not identifiable

Sensitive: Non Sensitive

When: 2016/04 (or before) — 2020/07.

Repeats: Ongoing

Legal basis: Health and Social Care Act 2012, Health and Social Care Act 2012 – s261(1) and s261(2)(b)(ii)

Categories: Anonymised - ICO code compliant


  • Hospital Episode Statistics Accident and Emergency
  • Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care
  • Hospital Episode Statistics Outpatients


To enhance NSS Discovery - a benchmarking tool created in-house by NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) for Scottish NHS Boards. NSS would like to use HES data to identify suitable peers from England where Scottish NHS Boards do not have sufficient or relevant peers for all or some of their hospitals within Scotland. Using comparative data in this way will allow Scottish hospitals to conduct robust benchmarking activities by measuring their performance against peers from around the UK and identify opportunities for improvement.

Expected Benefits:

To drive service improvements and patient care through regular monitoring of own performance compared to that of peers across a wide range of measures from a single benchmarking tool.


Public Health and Intelligence intend to use the HES data to develop peer group comparison figures as part of predefined NHS Board area summary reports sitting on top of existing indicators used for benchmarking and monitoring


Data to be aggregated (small numbers suppressed) down to diagnosis and specialty levels to support construction of peer groups at hospital and specialty levels.