NHS Digital Data Release Register - reformatted

University Of London (uol)

Project 1 — DARS-NIC-148356-FTLV4

Opt outs honoured: N

Sensitive: Sensitive, and Non Sensitive

When: 2016/04 (or before) — 2017/02.

Repeats: Ongoing

Legal basis: Informed Patient consent to permit the receipt, processing and release of data by the HSCIC

Categories: Identifiable


  • MRIS - Cause of Death Report
  • MRIS - Cohort Event Notification Report


To compare the risks and benefits of vertebral angioplasty and stenting for symptomatic vertebral stenosis compared with best medical treatment. This study is the feasibility phase to assess safety and recruitment feasibility, which if successful will run into the main trial. Primary aims of the feasibility phase will be to determine: Feasibility of, and barrier to, recruitment An estimate of the frequency of outcome events to allow adequate power calculations for a definitive trial Restenosis rates in the stented patients